Emergency Soft Bag for Basis Life Support
Emergency Soft Bag for Basis Life Support

Emergency Soft Bag for Basis Life Support


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Elite EXTREME'S Bag EB02.008


Basic life support (BLS) bag. Its honeycomb internal structure allows the user to easily organize all the contents. It has several detachable compartments in different colours.  



Measures: 47 x 22 x 28 cm.

Weight: 2.8 kg.

Colour: Red.

Maximum recommended contents weight: 12 kg.




  • Material: 1000x1000D. Polyamide. Washable.
  • Interior completely adaptable to the needs of the user thanks to the velcro detachable dividers located in its interior. The elastic bands located in all its inner faces get the fixation of the different materials.
  • Night-day reflective bands.
  • 2 medium external pockets.
  • 2 big external pockets with elastic bands and wide pockets.
  • 4 detachable transparent compartments according to the normalized color code (Blue: respiratory system; Red: circulatory system; Green: surgical materials; Yellow: paediatric materials).
  • Isothermal ampoule holder with 27 elastic bands.
  • Shoulder strap, handles around the whole bag for a better resistance, hidden backpack and waist belt.


Pocket-sized biocontaminated material container and a reusable cold gel included.

Inner instruments not included.




Graphic test of cool gel