Elite Emerair Emergency Bag

Elite Emerair Emergency Bag


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Eilte EMERAIR'S EB02.006

Emergency Bag for Advanced Life Support (ALS).

It is a foldout bag that allows the user to visualize all contents at a glance. It has a dedicated space for oxygen therapy and airway control equipment. Its large capacity and layout is ideal to have quick access to the equipment required in different emergency scenarios..



  • Bands of rubber around the outside to protect and support the bag when placed down either horizontally or vertically.
  • Ergonomic padded back panel.
  • Large transparent pocket.
  • 4 detachable, colour-coded compartments with transpar- ent windows according to the normalized color code.
  • Space for resuscitation device & mask.
  • Space for the oxygen bottle with Velcro.
  • Isothermal ampoule holder, capacity 66 ampoules.
  • Big reflective pullers for easy opening & Night/day reflective bands.
  • Interior flap with 8 elastic bands to fasten different materials.
  • Washer to extract the oxygen tube.
  • Hidden trolley band.


The interior part of the bag is adaptable for the PROBE’S, the great capacity ampoule holder ref: EB139.

Pocket-sized biocontaminated material container and a reusable cold gel included.

Weight: 3.65 Kg.

External measures: 30 x 50 x23.5cm

Maximum recommended contents weight: 25 Kg.