Microlife WatchBP 03 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
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Microlife WatchBP 03 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife WatchBP 03 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


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Microlife WatchBP O3 (Out-Of-Office): a highly affordable, clinically-validated ambulatory blood pressure measurement device.


Highly affordable ambulatory (24-hour) blood pressure monitor with implemented self-measurement schedule.

  • 24-Hour ABPM Mode - Fully programmable 24-hour blood pressure measurement.
  • 7-Day SBPM Mode - for collecting reliable self-measurement data.
  • Lightweight and Compact - For improved patient comfort.
  • PC Connectivity - Transmit BP measurement data to any PC via USB connectivity

Out-of-office measurements are highly recommended as an adjunct to office measurements by almost all hypertension organizations. The WatchBP O3 removes many obstacles generally associated with out-of-office measurements.












In addition to providing a highly affordable ambulatory blood pressure measurement device (ABPM), the WatchBP O3 also includes an embedded 7-day home measurement mode that strictly follows ESH and AHA measurement guidelines. As such, the WatchBP O3 serves as a total out-of-office blood pressure measurement device, validated and recommende for clinical, home and 24-h blood pressure monitoring (http://www.dableducational.org).


The WatchBP O3 has sophisticated software free of charge.

Systematic procedure for blood pressure measurement in and outside the doctor’s office.

During the diagnostic phase, office measurements are taken using the WatchBP Office device at the first and follow-up visit. In-between these visits out-of-office measurements should be collected by either the WatchBP O3 (24-h blood pressure measurement device) or the WatchBP Home device. Blood pressure data from all these measurement periods can be combined with the WatchBP Analyzer software to obtain a patient’s optimal blood pressure profile.

Once treatment is initiated, the WatchBP Office device can continue to serve as a valuable tool in checking a patients’ blood pressure at each doctor’s visit. If these measurements are combined with home or 24-h ambulatory blood pressure values the optimal treatment can be determined.


When blood pressure is under control the WatchBP Home can still serve as an important tool for checking blood pressure values and keeping the patient well-informed.


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