Medical Lighting

Medical Lighting

Looking for Medical Lights? Choose from our professional range of medical lighting this March that are both affordable and of exceptional quality.

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Morton Medical's range of Medical lighting are used in hospitals and surgeries throughout in the UK. Along with the NHS we supply 24 hour Medical lighting to private practices, prisons, veterinary surgeries, Nursing homes and sports clubs. We supply a range of medical lighting including examination lighting, procedure lighting, magnifying lamps, headlights and surgical Lighting. Medical lighting can be wall mounted, mobile on stand, desk mounted or ceiling fitted.

Our Medical Lighting range includes:-

We offer Medical Lights from leading brands, including Welch Allyn, Daray, Riester and Opticlar. Morton Medical have been suppliers of Medical Lights to various hospitals, doctors' surgeries, dentists, primary care centres, veterinary surgeries, laboratories and continue to be one of the leading providers in the UK. We provide professional medical lighting solutions delivered straight to Hospitals, Doctors surgeries, Dentists, Primary Care Centres, Veterinary Surgeries, Laboratories and Pharmacies.

Why buy Medical Lighting from Morton Medical?

We have been selling Medical Lighting online for the last 10 years with a highly experienced team of UK based advisers to help you choose the right products for your hospital and/or surgery. If you have any questions about our Medical Lighting range, email us on or contact our Medical Lighting specialists on 01285 655 210 This September we have been analysing our competitors to make sure that our extensive range of Medical light’s are the most competitively priced. Order your Medical lighting before Wed Tue 22nd September 2020 to qualify for dispatch within one business day. If however, you item is a special order item it may take longer but our friendly sales advisors will inform you if there are any delays in fulfilling the order for your Medical Lighting.


Due to severe stock shortages and a need to manage expectations the Morton Medical website will NOT BE TAKING ONLINE ORDERS until further notice. Account customers can still send us Purchase Orders and we are still open for business to NHS via the usual phone and email details.

Note: Many products will still be available to the public on our sister site

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